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Abstract Contrast- CT Abstract Contrast- CT

Rated 0 / 5 stars

the perspective of the windows and buildings is really messed up,i advise to look up some reference!

Smoke and Demons Smoke and Demons

Rated 1 / 5 stars

I like the Colors, but your Skulls are just wrong, so i advise to look up reference ;)

Orbital Phace Orbital Phace

Rated 0 / 5 stars

You really should start investing some Time about Anatomy, perspective and Color theory...
The Ear is misplaced, the skull is too smooth and the perspective is messed up...

Crossbreed Priscilla - Dark Souls Crossbreed Priscilla - Dark Souls

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You really should do some anatomy studies... or at least try a little harder, because there is so much wrong with this Picture. Her right Hand for instance, women should have small and elegant fingers... or those Feets, even if it is just a sketch you should at least indicate that some effort was put in those...

I thought Artists do improve over time but you become sloppier and sloppier over Time, but maybe you just don't care anymore. I really used to like your Art, but now you just seem to throw out Fan-Art for the purpose of making a buck on patreon... anyway i wish you good luck on your Path.

Swim team gals Swim team gals

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hey there, you have done a good job with the shading!
I really love those Eyes (yeah i have an eye fetish... judge me XD) and i really appreciate that you have drawn different shapes for them. Iam really curious about the Backstory =)

only one thing is kind of bothering me though... iam not sure why but the hard Shadow under both chins are making the Faces appear to be flat, but there is nothing wrong with the faces themselves though. That would be the only thing for me i had to critique.

Keep up the good Work and have fun drawing!! =)

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R1CEart responds:

Thank you! I won't judge, I do love me an eye or two, actually one of my more favorite things to draw. As for backstory.. I haven't got that far into one besides their names (Evie and Robin) and that they are in a university swim team c: Yeah I know exactly where you are coming from, its something I struggle with a lot, just the whole neck area in general is something I have to get to grips with. Thanks for the advice. You too! c: